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Learn to play with online guitar lessons!

  • Are you just getting started on the guitar but are not sure where to begin?
  • Are you tired of getting nowhere despite all the practice you do?
  • Do you want to learn to play guitar in the fastest and most effective way?
  • Do you want to learn guitar online with Zoom Guitar lessons?

Are you stuck practicing in ways that although common are not effective? Have you spent weeks, months or even years doing this? Do you feel frustrated that you still can’t play in front of other people?

I have experienced the same frustrations you have and through studying many techniques have found the most effective ways to overcome these problems, as have many students who have studied guitar at Guitar Lessons Winchester.

You may have tried Youtube lessons but were confused because the lessons weren’t designed specifically for you. Not aimed at your skill level or even style! Importantly, also not in the right order for you to progress in the fastest and most effective way.

Imagine if you had the right information in the right order and you had someone to guide you all the way whilst learning it. Someone who will not give up until you can do it! Now you can learn without frustration and start achieving your guitar playing dreams.

I have tested many ideas for getting there and I’ve found, as have my students, that the methods I use are the easiest, fastest and most effective way of achieving the best possible results with your guitar playing. Learning with Guitar Lessons Winchester is also a lot of fun!

Here’s what you will get

  • Be able to play whatever you want on the guitar
  • Be able to express yourself how you want
  • Be able to play consistently without mistakes
  • Be able to play in front of an audience without fear
  • Be able to play with other musicians
  • Have fun playing music
  • Develop musical skills you never thought you could have
  • Experience the joy of creating your own music

Some people are scared that they will not be able to learn, that they might not be good enough. I will take you through the stages in the right order for you, holding your hand, coaching you and training you until you get there.

Guitar Lessons in Winchester“It’s absolutely true! When James told me I would be playing from day one, I found it really hard to believe. But given the information & hands-on teaching methods he practices, not only was I able to play the guitar from the word go, but was encouraged to build my knowledge & playing abilities with every lesson. James made that possible with his unique teaching style that made learning the guitar informative & ultimately, a pleasure to learn.

I can’t thank him enough for giving me the opportunity to develop an extensive skill set of various playing methods & styles. After just a few months, I had so much confidence with the techniques I’d been shown, I even displayed my new talent in front of a small audience!

I would recommend anyone to pursue this pastime with such a devoted & experienced mentor. Just give it a go. I promise you won’t be disappointed & you’ll walk away feeling accomplished & ready to challenge the likes of any guitar legend you care to mention.


-Lois G

If you’re worried that guitar lessons might not work for you? Your introductory lesson is ABSOLUTELY FREE! If after your first lesson you think that guitar lessons are not right for you there is absolutely no obligation to sign up for any further lessons. The first lesson is free whether you sign up for more or not! Scroll down and click the orange button that says “click here to book your FREE INTRODUCTORY LESSON”. Scroll down now and remember you have absolutely nothing to lose!   thumb651-arrow_down-e727a82d9d945c02ad5ebec19292f92f

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I look forward to helping you on your guitar playing journey,

James Kay
Guitar Instructor, Trainer & Coach
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P.S. Remember the first lesson is absolutely free with no obligation to sign up for further lessons.

P.P.S. All lessons and trial lessons are currently online via video call during the current Coronavirus situation so there is no need to worry about your health when learning to play guitar. What better time than when you’re stuck at home to learn to play guitar!!