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I love helping people reach their guitar playing goals and will get as excited as you get when you start reaching yours! Students enjoy their experiences at Winchester Guitar Lessons and are able to avoid many of the frustrations they find trying to teach themselves from books or the internet. This is because students progress quicker with the methods I have learned and developed which are not common amongst many guitar other teachers. To learn more about this contact me here.

I have toured internationally as a guitarist and am also very familiar with the local music scene, having played uncountable times at Winchester's Railway Inn music venue; where I was also manager for 6 years before I found my love for teaching guitar in 2009. Love for teaching is not enough though so I have invested a lot of time and money into my own teacher training, development and certification to become the best teacher I can be so that my students can become they best guitar players they can be!

Lessons at my central Winchester location are friendly and informal and I am not just here to be your guitar teacher but also your guitar trainer and your guitar coach.

James Krumbock

Guitar Coach

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